What We Do

Providing Welfare support where it’s needed most

We aim to provide effective and efficient welfare support to members of the Police Service. We do this by working in partnership with Force Welfare and Occupational Health to deliver a range of practical support, insight and learning.

So far the Foundation has provided:

  • Free access to health and wellbeing guidance, exclusively for members of the Police Service
  • Research and analysis into financial risk trends within the Police Service
  • Free health screening, providing face-to-face, practical health advice
  • Respite accommodation for Police Officers and Staff
  • Funding for a number of Police Welfare projects

Respite Service

Tailored support for members of the Police Service and their families, helping them to get away from it all and recuperate.

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Health screening

Providing free, practical, targeted health advice to Police Officers and Staff at their workplace, events and Conferences

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Wellbeing zone

A FREE online tool designed to help you with your health and general wellbeing.

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